Twitch streamer banned from New World for milking a cow responds with hilarious apology

Michael Gwilliam
AnnieFuchsia apologizes for milking a cow in New World and being bannedYouTube/AnnieFuchsia/Amazon

Twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia has issued an apology, sort of, after her first experience with Amazon’s new MMORPG New World ended with a ban after she milked a cow in-game.

AnnieFuchsia’s first session with New World was one of the most bizarre yet and truly encapsulated the game’s rocky beta launch. After milking a cow in the game, a screen popped up stating she had been “permenently” banned – bad spelling and all.

While the devs ended up fixing this error and fellow streamer Asmongold even explained to Annie that there were server problems aplenty that caused the mistake.

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Still, news of Annie’s ban spread like wildfire and the streamer felt the need to respond with a pun-filled apology video, milking the situation for all it was worth.

“I did touch Bessie and I’m truly sorry. I udderly deserve the ban,” she began. “I don’t want this apology to sound too cheesy, it’s just too much at steak.”

Clearly wanting to get more cow-related puns in a video than Seth Rogan in Neighbors 2, Annie continued to fire off joke after joke like they were being fired from a gatling gun.

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“At this point I see no way to move forward, so I’ll be making to donate to a charity which support underprivileged cows, bulls, to get their proper education,” she added, mocking some generic apology videos others have made in the past.

“While I understand gaming companies sometimes have beef with streamers and their bans can be a load of bull, mine was not one of those cases. But I hope that everyone can udderstand the complexity of the issue,” she further joked. “Please, leave myself as Bessie alone as we have spoken privately and cut into the meat of the problem.”

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It’s good to see that Annie is having fun regardless of the madness that occurred back on July 20 when she was banned.

As for New World, however, the game has been receiving quite a bit of praise from players despite criticism from streamers. Notably, Asmongold slammed the beta as “dysfunctional,” leading players to urge the devs to ignore the takes from Twitch streamers.

It will be interesting to see what happens with New World in the weeks ahead and if we see any more madness on par with AnnieFuchsia’s ridiculous ban for milking a cow.

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