Draymond Green slams Anthony Edwards’ “outlandish” NBA All-Star antics

Hunter Haas
Draymond Green criticizes Anthony Edwards’ All-Star Weekend approach, saying he isn’t ready to be the face of the NBA

Draymond Green is never shy about sharing his opinions on the basketball world. Green called out Anthony Edwards during his recent podcast episode for his NBA All-Star Weekend antics.

Anthony Edwards was named to his second NBA All-Star appearance thanks to a career-high in points per game (26.1). His Timberwolves sit atop the Western Conference.

After arriving at NBA All-Star Weekend, Edwards promised to take a unique approach. A natural righty, the Timberwolves star chose to play with his left hand most of the weekend.

While fans found the showing comical, and other players laughed off the shenanigans, Green took a different stance.

Draymond Green questions Anthony Edwards as face of the NBA

He brought up Edwards on “The Draymond Green Show” Friday, explaining that his actions at NBA All-Star Weekend highlight why Edwards isn’t ready to be the “face of the NBA.”

“To see somebody like Anthony Edwards, who a lot of people are hailing as the next face of the league, blatantly say ‘we don’t care.’ To me, that was a bit disheartening,” Green said.

“A big deal on guy’s resumes is All-Star MVP. We’ve seen Kobe [Bryant] win it over the years, LeBron James, KD. I don’t understand why a young Anthony Edwards wouldn’t want his name next to the likes of those guys.

“So, to play defense backwards, to shoot left-handed threes, I thought that was a little outlandish; I thought it was a little crazy.

“As the face of the NBA, you’re kind of in direct partnership with the NBA to continue to move this thing forward. And maybe Anthony Edwards doesn’t want to be the face of the NBA.

“But if Anthony Edwards is who I think he is, somebody needs to be teaching him. Someone needs to tell him it’s about more than just being good at basketball.”

Edwards has received praise from his peers, with many saying he will be the next face of the league, as Green alluded to on his podcast.

The 22-year-old is still growing into a leadership role for Minnesota. But his teammates only have positive comments toward the rising star.

Karl Anthony-Towns recently said that Edwards will be the face of the NBA sooner rather than later. Other pundits have agreed with this assertion.

Green acknowledges the possibility of Edwards being “the guy” for the NBA in the future but wants to see more maturity before giving him that title.

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