Stephen A. Smith “blames LeBron James” for NBA All-Star Weekend “travesty”

Hunter Haas
Stephen A. Smith calls NBA All-Star Weekend a “travesty”, saying fans should quit caring about it

The NBA All-Star Game festivities made their way to Indianapolis, Indiana, this past weekend. And Stephen A. Smith did not hold back when discussing his displeasure toward the event.

For fans, NBA All-Star Weekend presents the only opportunity to see so many of the game’s greatest players all under the same roof. From Giannis Antetokounmpo to LeBron James, there was no shortage of star power this weekend.

The slam dunk contest used to be the highlight event for many viewers, although the interest has died down over the past decade. Likewise, the All-Star Game has dipped in quality due to an apparent lack of defense.

Former players often speak about how the All-Star Game used to mean something to them. The two sides would compete through the final whistle in an attempt to win bragging rights for their respective conference.

Stephen A. Smith calls NBA All-Star Weekend a “travesty”

However, even with the NBA re-introducing the East vs West format, pundits believe that NBA All-Star Weekend is not fixable. Some even suggested getting rid of the entire weekend.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith argued this exact stance on Monday. “Let me start with the All-Star Game,” he said.

“What transpired last night was an absolute travesty. Nearly 400 points were scored. No defense, no effort whatsoever.

“Nobody is asking you to compete like you’re in the playoffs. The fact that you would go out there and flagrantly show such a lack of effort on the defensive side of the ball is just a travesty.

“Let me go to the slam dunk contest. This is where I blame LeBron James. He’s never participated. He’s the only above-the-rim superstar in the history of the game who did not participate in the slam dunk contest.

“And what that has done has provoked a lot of cats on the come-up to not participate in the slam dunk contest, either. And now we have a G-Leaguer who is a back-to-back slam dunk champion.

“In the end, if you want to show such a flagrant disregard for the fans, knowing that the product you’re putting out there is trash, and you don’t care to compete? Why should we watch?

“If you looked at Adam Silver giving away the trophy, he looked disgusted. I know the NBA was disgusted. Most of the fans have been disgusted.

“We have been saying it for years. They don’t seem to care, so maybe we should stop caring.”

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