NBA star Kyrie Irving frustrated by NBA 2K23 rating: “We all should be 99”

Kyrie Irving in NBA 2K for Brooklyn Nets2K Sports

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving couldn’t help but voice his disappointment at his rating in NBA 2K23, suggesting that all USA National Team members should be a 99 overall.

When it comes to that point in the calendar that new sports are getting released, fans and athletes are always eager to see what the updated player ratings are going to be.

Regardless of whether it’s FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, or even F1, there is always a big debate about who got underrated and who got overrated in the new game. And, on occasion, the real-life professionals will weigh in and ask for some sort of explanation about their virtual self’s statistics.

With NBA 2K23 dropping on September 9, plenty of players have been getting their teeth stuck into the new release, including Kyrie Irving – and he’s not too pleased by the rating.

Kyrie Irving can’t believe his NBA 2K23 rating

Irving, a perennial all-star and former NBA Champion, is no stranger to the world of Twitch, and dove into a session of 2K23 during his September 10 stream when fans quickly flagged his low rating.

“Yo, what? An 89 though bro?” the Nets star point guard exclaimed. “Look, I’m torn. Do I care about a video game rating? Or do I care about getting buckets in real life and just being who I am? But, an 89 though bruh? Y’all feel like that’s disrespectful?”

The 30-year-old noted that he’s not had the seasons he’d want in real life, but feels like anyone who represented their country should probably be a top rating. “I feel like we should all be a 99, if I’m being honest,” Irving added, touching on the US Olympic team. “I think we all should be a 99. That’s the hopeless side of me, like everybody should be 99. That’s me being nice!”

Just like every other sports game these days, 2K does dish out live rating updates throughout the season, so if Irving and his Nets go on a run to the playoffs, he’ll find himself in the upper 90s before long.

Plus, he’ll likely find himself with a 99-overall in MyTEAM with the number of impressive special cards he’s had over the years.