Klay Thompson slams NBA 2K23 rating: “Madden is better”

nba 2k23 klay thompson2K

NBA champion and Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson blasted his rating in NBA 2K23 and claimed that Madden 23 is a better game.

Each year the NBA 2K franchise releases a new game with upgraded game modes and refreshed rosters.

Along with those refreshed rosters also comes player rating updates to better reflect an athlete’s performance from the previous year.

With NBA 2K23 about to release, one specific player took his new ratings quite personally, bashing the developers on social media.

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Klay Thompson bashes NBA 2K23 rating

On September 7, four-time NBA champion Klay Thompson discovered his 3PT shooting rating was only 88, tied for second in the entire league. His overall rating was even lower than that at 83.

Klay shared multiple Instagram stories hitting out at 2K and said, “NBA 2K has been doo-doo since Sega Dreamcast.”

He then shared a story saying “Madden > 2K.” The shocking claim that Madden is better than 2K instantly went viral all across social media.

nba 2k23 klay thompsonKlay Thompson

Considering Klay made a comeback from a nearly three-year hiatus from devastating injuries to help the Warriors win another championship, it’s likely developer Visual Concepts should’ve bumped up his rating a bit.

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However, many users on social media thought he was “crazy” for thinking Madden is on the same playing field as 2K in terms of quality and gameplay.

Regardless, Klay will have the chance to play his way into a better rating once the NBA season kicks off in October.

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