NBA 2K23 players convinced shot meter glitch is screwing them over

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Ongoing issues with the shooting in NBA 2K23 have convinced players that the basketball sim’s shot meter is broken.

Similar to how the game works in reality, release timing is everything when it comes to making shots in NBA 2K.

Of course, the latest entry in the long-running series changed next to nothing in this regard. But players have reported encountering problems with the shot meter since the game’s launch in September.

Notably, even perfect shots don’t land under ideal conditions, leaving many to believe the system as a whole needs fixing.

NBA 2K23 fans think the shot meter does more harm than good

Frustrated with the newest game, NBA 2K player smokey60lad asked fellow Reddit users if their shot meter ever drops after filling up during a shot.

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In gameplay footage shared by the Redditor, the player takes a shot and hits the green part of the meter, only for the bar to slip back into the white zone once the ball leaves their hands.

The game counts it as a missed shot that was released “slightly late,” according to feedback at the top of the screen.

Other players noted in the comments that this isn’t an isolated incident. “Happens all the time… shooting is broken,” one user said in response. Someone else chimed in to say they’ve seen this very thing happen plenty of times in The REC as of late.

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While a few people suggested turning off NBA 2K23’s shot meter, another user offered a sound explanation for why the meter doesn’t work as expected.

The meter dropping after a shot may relate to “defensive pressure.” Apparently, if a defender gets near, the game automatically alters the shot timing.

The accuracy of this claim isn’t clear at the time of writing, but it does make sense. Still, players worried about the shot meter may want to test this theory for themselves.