NBA 2K23 The Rec screen glitch is completely ruining matches

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An NBA 2K23 glitch is flashing a grey screen at the most inopportune times, resulting in frustrating mistakes.

NBA 2K23 suffers from its fair share of glitches. So far, players have discovered an “awful” animation that forces players out of bounds and a bug that transformed them into Elden Ring-like creatures.

Some hiccups don’t necessarily break the game, but still cause headaches for unsuspecting players. When players leave Rec matches, a display bug blocks the entire screen and can potentially cause game-costing mistakes.

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Several game-breaking bugs plague NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 players discover flashing grey screen bug

Reddit user Newbmycolologist shared a video of a flashing screen glitch that occurs every time someone quits out of a Rec match. The Rec is a five versus five-pickup game mode featuring players’ created My Pros.

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In the video, a player is about to take a three-point shot attempt, but a grey screen takes up the entire screen, making it impossible to time the shot correctly.

The frustrated NBA 2K23 player said, “for the love of god 2K, take out this d**n flash grey screen every time someone quits out of the rec.”

One user pointed out, “this feature is absolutely trash and has ruined some crucial shots of mine late in games. It’s pointless and makes no sense.”

A second player suggested that people can take advantage of the glitch and get free wins if they use it correctly. “You can sacrifice someone to quit to stop a buzzer-beater.”

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The glitch may happen during other instances; as a third player claimed, “it happens even when people don’t quit.”

We will provide an update if 2K addresses the concerning issue.