NBA 2K23 reveals first-look at The City and it’s 30% smaller

NBA 2K23 brings back The City as a hub for all things 2K, this time with a much smaller map so players can dive right into the action.

NBA 2K23 provides dedicated basketball fans with brand new player ratings and the return of the beloved Jordan Challenge mode.

Another feature that’s going through significant reconstruction is The City, the hub for everything within 2K. This year, the focus was on improving players’ traversal time.

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Here is everything that’s been updated for The City ahead of the game’s launch.

nba 2k23 draymond2K Games
Bradley Beal and Draymond Green in NBA 2K.

NBA 2K23: The City changes

With NBA 2K23, Visual Concepts made it a priority to listen to player feedback on The City, which premiered in NBA 2K21, and deliver on a number of changes hardcore fans called for.

With that, there are a handful of improvements being made to The City in 2K23.

Traversal times have been improved based on community feedback, and The City overall is roughly 30% smaller than last year’s version. 2K has also implemented Fast Travel stations around The City that help players move around at ease.

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Affiliation Boroughs are completely remade and have been turned into thematic destinations to really hit their themes home of the South City Vipers, North Side Knights, Western Wildcats, and the Beasts of the East.

New to NBA 2K23 is The Block, the new home for all basketball competitions. Here you will find The Theater, Pro-AM, Tee REC, Ante-Up, Club 2K, the Black Lives Matter court, and the new Kobe court. The Theater is also new this year, which replaces the Warehouse buildings from 2K22.

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The Theater will serve as a place to dive into pick-up basketball with four rotating events that are advertised via gigantic movie posters.

The Event Center is getting a completely new look, along with a Jordan Challenge building so players can dive right into the M.J. action at will.

One feature that is returning to The City is Seasons, which will each come with a fresh set of rewards for players who are ready to grind. Seasons will rotate every six weeks and reward players with rewards based on their performance.

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With so much new content coming to The City, players will have a ton to chew on once NBA 2K23 officially launches on September 9.

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