NBA 2K23 players baffled after MyCareer rivalry becomes weirdly sexual

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A rivalry plotline in NBA 2K23 adds tension to the MyCareer mode, but one rivalry, in particular, has taken a bizarre turn.

Developer Visual Concepts switched things up for the MyCareer mode in the latest NBA 2K installment. NBA 2K23’s revamped MyCareer removes collegiate games and draft segments, instead allowing players to join their pro team of choice.

From there, a rivalry that begins in the Summer League Championship Finals picks up steam and counts as the crux of this year’s MyCareer story.

Of course, professional rivalries can develop into rather heated affairs. But one NBA 2K user has discovered these MyCareer rivalries can get a little uncomfortable, too.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer rivalry gets very mature

In a post on the official NBA 2K subreddit, TheNeonTitan shared a gameplay clip and it’s not PG.

Apparently, their MyCareer rivalry has turned so tense that the player character’s nemesis reached down and grabbed them inappropriately.

Of course, the action itself is more than likely a harmless glitch. But what action was the rival player supposed to perform that resulted in such an odd outcome?

Whatever the case, it should come as no surprise that other Redditors are having a laugh. “He’s just trying to get into his head,” UTDRashford wrote.

Own-Veterinarian2292 commented, “nah bruh said let’s be lovers not enemies.” Suffice it to say, a few comments were as off color as the clip linked above.

Some aspects of MyCareer mode sit on the receiving end of criticism from disappointed fans. Notably, one person recently found that a Devin Booker challenge filled with objectives only rewards 500 VC, stirring discussion about this year’s in-game rewards.

NBA 2K23 is in stores now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.