Jon Bois flames NBA 2K23 devs over “pointless” new features

Brianna Reeves
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A tweet from SB Nation’s Jon Bois mocking the content in NBA 2K23 is making the rounds on the official NBA 2K subreddit.

Bois isn’t the first media personality to poke fun at the latest entry in the long-running sports series, and he’s unlikely to be the last.

NBA 2K23 hit store shelves earlier this month, with the hype surrounding it built on promises of refined gameplay mechanics and a more robust MyCareer mode.

However, a few of the extra features in this year’s installment have done more harm than good as far as some players are concerned.

Jon Bois blasts NBA 2K23 for its less-than-desirable features

Jon Bois, the SB Nation scribe known for internet classics like Breaking Madden, recently took a shot at NBA 2K as Reddit user WeathrNinja put it.

In a recent tweet, the writer and YouTuber said he’s “pretty much done” with the franchise because it’s filled with “pointless crap.” He then joked that instead of letting players meet with a virtual Jake from State Farm, NBA 2K23 forces them to actually play basketball.

Of course, this is a knock on what many consider extra, unwanted fluff. Other media personalities have blasted the new release for similar reasons since its launch.

YouTuber Chris Smoove recently called out the basketball sim’s “terrible” skateboarding quest, for example.

Players continue to express their frustrations, as well. Thus far, everything from the MyPlayer character’s girlfriend to the excessive grind for decent VC rewards has caught the ire of NBA 2K faithful.

Whether or not 2K Games and Visual Concepts will address these criticisms is anyone’s guess at this point.

NBA 2K23 is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.