Frustrating NBA 2K22 MyLeague glitch completely breaks the mode

Marc Griffin
Lonzo Ball in NBA2K22

An NBA 2K22 player has recently discovered a glitch that prevents fans of the game from saving custom and downloaded logos in MyLeague.

NBA 2K22 has had its fair share of bugs since the game was released in September 2021.

From instances of a disappearing glitch that made online games unplayable in some cases to other issues stemming from the infamous camera glitch “stealing players’ 3-pointers,” 2K has been riddled with problems that seemed to make the experience rather tricky for some users.

The latest bug seems to be based on MyLeague and the ability to play with a custom team.

Russell Westbrook in NBA 2K22
MyLeague is a vital part of the NBA2K22 experience so a bug preventing players from using custom logos is eye-brow-raising

NBA2K22 bug prevents players from saving custom logos

Redditor JJ2478 discovered the glitch and posted a clip walking viewers through the logo-based issue.

Beginning the clip with a walkthrough of what happens when you attempt to create and save a custom logo, the Redditor picks the Bad Dog logo, finalizes the color, and then proceeds to save. Well, tries to, at least.

When JJ2478 attempts to save the logo, they’re met with a prompt: “There was a problem saving the team. Please try again.”

Frustrated with the problems illustrated through the 36-second clip, the Redditor captioned the video: “Just got 2K22. Created my first MyLeague. Can’t save my team if I use a custom or downloaded logo. 10/10, great game.”

The video also showcases what happens when you use a standard primary logo from one of the thirty NBA teams. For example, the player selects a Chicago Bulls logo, saves the changes, and, to our surprise, they are met with no issue or pushback from the game.

Other fans of NBA 2K22 commented on the issue, with one player saying: “Not sure what’s up with that. I play MyLeague almost every day with an entire league of custom logos and uniforms.”

Another person commented on the game’s issue with downloading logos, saying: “Don’t download designs either it will eventually corrupt MyLeague file.”

While it’s unclear what the culprit for these logo-based glitches is, based on how vital MyLeague is to the full NBA2K22 experience, it’ll be interesting to see how and when 2K addresses this.

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