Is Beyonce on Twitch? ‘iamSlayonce’ trends after Super Bowl commercial

Dylan Horetski
beyonceYouTube: Verizon

Iconic singer Beyonce has left fans wondering if she’s on Twitch after a Super Bowl LVIII commercial involved her streaming as a way to “break the internet.”

Super Bowl LVIII has finally concluded, and it saw the Kansas City Chiefs take home the Lombardi Trophy after beating the San Franciso 49ers in a last-minute overtime touchdown.

As usual, some of the most iconic commercials took place during breaks throughout the game, including one from Beyonce and Verizon that led to the star shocking fans with a surprise album reveal.

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In an effort to “break the internet” during the commercial, Beyonce can be seen doing a live stream on Twitch under the name ‘iamSlayonce’… but does the channel exist? Here’s everything we know.

Does Beyonce’s Super Bowl commercial Twitch account real?

Yes, the ‘iamSlayonce’ Twitch account shown in the Verizon commercial shown during Super Bowl LVIII does exist.

Twitch stat tracker Twitchtracker offers some information surrounding the account, as well. According to the site, it was created on February 9, 2024, just two days before the commercial aired.

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At the time of writing, more than 40,000 people have followed the ‘iamSlayonce’ account, with many presumably hoping Beyonce will stream on the channel.

There’s no telling whether or not Beyonce will stream on Twitch, but as of writing, there has been nothing said about the iconic singer going live on the platform.

Many big names have streamed on Twitch in the past, though, including Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rapper Snoop Dogg, and even Terry Crews.

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We’ll keep you updated if Beyonce does decide to stream on the ‘iamSlayonce’ Twitch channel. If she does, maybe it could be used as a way to promote her upcoming country album.

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