MultiVersus players call for fixes to improve baffling matchmaking

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Low-level MultiVersus players who find themselves battling higher-ranking users continue to call for matchmaking improvements.

Since it’s been available for a handful of months, MultiVersus now plays host to users of varying skill levels.

And while the semi-regular release of new playable characters keeps some fans engaged, they can also complicate the already troublesome matchmaking process.

One match may feature two Level 5 Gizmos versus two Level 35 Supermans, for example. It’s a problem that persists despite recent changes to the Matchmaking Rating (MMR). As such, fans have once more begun calling for an update that will address the baffling matchmaking.

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Why MultiVersus players demand matchmaking improvements

Redditor IchBinDeinFreund recently posted a screenshot of a 2v2 match screen. The Redditor and their friend played Shaggy and Rick at Levels 17 and 5, respectively. Meanwhile, they were matched against a Level 31 Superman and a Level 36 Lebron.

In a subsequent post, the player noted the higher-level opponents “gobbled us up” with no problem by winning 4 to 0.

Apparently, this doesn’t count as a rare occurrence. Another Redditor said that while they and a friend were below Level 5, the matchmaking system recently pit them against Level 22 and 23 characters.

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Someone else claimed this happens to them “all the time, too,” while pointing out the need for better matchmaking in MultiVersus.

Players also continue to await the release of a dedicated Ranked Mode, which should give more skilled players a space in which to showcase their abilities.

The developer previously planned to launch the mode alongside MultiVersus Season 1. However, other in-game issues took top priority, resulting in its indefinite delay.

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