MultiVersus may have given Morty one of Gandalf’s scrapped special abilities

Eleni Thomas
MultiVersus Morty Gandalf

Morty is the newest character to be added to MultiVersus, with recent leaks suggesting that part of his moveset has actually been transferred over from a scrapped Gandalf character build.

The latest MultiVersus patch saw hotly-anticipated character Morty — from the cult classic cartoon Rick and Morty — finally join the game’s roster. However, recent leaks hint that one of his abilities may not have always been meant for him. 

The series of leaks come from dataminer Susie, indicating Morty’s Up Special ability was originally intended to be used by Lord of the Rings character Gandalf but was “repurposed” and has now been transferred over to Morty.

Originally, Galdalf’s Up Special would summon a massive eagle that could then be used as an additional platform for users. Morty’s Up Special mirrors this ability except the eagle has been swapped out for a spaceship that always moves upwards. Both versions of this ability include a cooldown feature as well.

Earlier in August, Susie also revealed how LOTR content had been seemingly cut from the game, including character additions Gandalf and Legolas. This was a big shock to fans given that LOTR content for MultiVersus has been hinted at since the game first dropped.

This new MultiVersus leaks the play “into the theory that Gandalf [and] LOTR got scrapped”, with the leaks then adding that the situation has become “quite a mess.” This could also be one of the reasons for the delay of Morty.

The reason for the likes of Gandalf and Legolas being scrapped could be due to Embracer Group’s recent acquisition of the rights.

However, at least Gandalf will somewhat live on in Morty, even if Middle Earth doesn’t make an appearance in the mega crossover fighting game.