MultiVersus leak reveals guild challenges for daily & weekly quests in the works

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A MultiVersus leak has revealed that guild challenges for both daily and weekly quests are on the way, and could be here quite soon.

MultiVersus has exploded onto the gaming scene and has quickly become one of the biggest releases of the year.

The crossover platform fighter by Warner Bros has a cast of 19 characters, and with leaks seemingly popping up every day, plenty of new fighters are on the way.

Now, a new leak shows off how guild quests will be incorporated into the game.

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Battle opponents in this fast-paced fighting game.

MultiVersus leaker reveals quests for guild challenges on the way

On August 13, leaker MultiVersusSusie shared some information they found about how guilds will work once officially launched.

Guilds, according to their findings, will have specific quests with both dailies and weeklies. The three missions they found are called Buddy Up!, I’ll Slay Anything That’s Evil, and Titans Together!

MultiVersus has yet to launch guilds, but with these leaks popping up, players believe it could be on the way quite soon.

With so much criticism of the game aimed at grinding the battle pass, MultiVersus players are hoping adding new missions through the addition of guilds will help lessen the load on players.

Another bit of information that comes from this leak is the third guild mission, Titans Together. The Titan name could be a teaser for including Teen Titan characters, and fans are already speculating which ones could make the cut.

One fan said, “Raven and Robin are my guesses.”

With so many properties available to Warner Bros, players are bound to end up getting a ton of characters they yearn for added to the game.

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