MultiVersus fan creates Fortnite crossover with reimagined Trophy’s EDGE stage

superman fortnite multiversusEpic Games

A Fortnite player used Creative mode to recreate the iconic Trophy’s EDGE stage from MultiVersus, and it’s quite impressive.

MultiVersus has exploded onto the gaming and streaming scene this summer, topping the charts of both Steam and Twitch as one of the premiere platform fighters on the market.

Warner Bros. Games’ crossover fighter features a ton of beloved characters across the company’s various IPs like Superman, Batman, Rick & Morty, and so many more.

One fan of MultiVersus made it their mission to recreate the game’s most recognizable stager in another game that’s thrived with crossovers: Fortnite.

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bugs bunny talking to arya stark in multiversusWarner Bros.
MultiVersus offers up some truly intriguing matches.

User Chasejackman shared their Fortnite Creative mode recreation of the Trophy’s EDGE stage from MultiVersus.

The location first appeared in the game’s first-ever trailer and is one of the more recognizable locations from the title since it launched.

In the video showing off the stage, Chase used Superman to leap around the various platforms of the stage, and they nailed the details perfectly. The colors and sizes of the platforms are identical to the original, and they even created the background monuments with precision.

With tons of characters from MultiVersus already available in Fortnite as player skins, a recreation of the fighting game was quite easy to nail.

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As MultiVersus continues to gain popularity, maybe one day we’ll see a Fortnite character make their way in as a playable fighter. Until then, Chase’s Trophy’s EDGE stage will do as an unofficial crossover.