MultiVersus Director confirms devs are pursuing DLC fighters based on requests

Michael Gwilliam
multiversus dlc fighter

MultiVersus has quickly become one of the most popular fighting games on the market, in large part thanks to its impressive roster and it turns out that DLC fighter requests are playing a huge factor in what characters get added.

Just like with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before it, MultiVersus features a cast of mascots, many of which are currently owned by Warner Bros, but that doesn’t mean that the possibilities are limited.

In addition to the likes of Batman, Shaggy, Rick & Morty, LeBron James and Wonder Woman, the devs have expressed interest in adding anime characters to the game such as Dragon Ball’s Goku.

With many Twitter accounts being made to campaign for DLC fighters such as Walter White from Breaking Bad, MultiVersus Game Director Tony Huynh revealed that these requests are not in vain.

Walter White added to MultiVersus
Walter White has been one of the most-requested MultiVersus fighters so far.

MultiVersus devs are listening to DLC fighter requests

In response to a question about seeing so many character requests for MultiVersus and if it was becoming overwhelming, Tony Huynh revealed that they actually help quite a bit.

“The requests determine a lot of which characters we pursue,” he explained. “Requests just recently directed our team towards putting more resources towards a character that would have been much further out.”

This means that fans should definitely keep requesting characters. While there are no guarantees that they’ll be added, like Tony had previously remarked about Walter White, the devs are doing their best to fulfil those desires.

Additionally, while there have been many leaked and datamined fighters, it seems as if the most popular of those are being actively worked on.

If there’s a character you’re really passionate about, be sure to let the developers know. If there are like-minded people who want the same fighter, you may just end up having your dream come true. It worked for Sora in Smash, after all!