Multiversus chief explains why Tom & Jerry didn’t get Season 1 nerf

David Purcell
tom & jerry in multiversus

Tom & Jerry mains have been put on notice by Multiversus developers after the Season 1 update, as the possibility of a future nerf has been mentioned by the Game Director.

The game’s Season 1 update rolled out on August 15, including a number of upgrades and downgrades for various characters on the roster.

Iron Man players were left devastated by a raft of changes to the previously meta character, and it appears future tweaks are coming for other playable fighters.

Most notably, Tom & Jerry.

Multiversus dev hints at Tom & Jerry nerf

The pair escaped any effects of the Season 1 update, which sparked confusion in some circles.

However, the Game Director of the Warner Bros. fighter title was quick to respond to those comments.

Tony Huynh posted the following: “We’re looking at Tom & Jerry. It’s taking us more time because it’s a hard problem.

“They only dominate when played at a high skill level. We need to figure out what to do to not hurt them even more at lower skill level play while bringing them down a bit at higher skill levels.”

While Tony has not given fans a timeline on the changes for Tom & Jerry, Multiversus fans can expect action to be taken in a future update.

Until then, they will have a number of new characters to play around with, as a number have leaked ahead of schedule and are expected to roll out in due course.