When is Seiya Suzuki being added to MLB The Show 22?

mlb the show 22 cubsSan Diego Studio

MLB The Show 22 players, along with Chicago Cubs fans, have been wondering when their new star player Seiya Suzuki will be added to the game, as well as the popular Diamond Dynasty mode.

Like every iteration of the baseball sim, MLB The Show 22 offers players updated and accurate rosters heading into the new baseball season.

Although The Show 22 offers a realistic recreation of almost every single MLB and minor league player, there is currently one missing player; and fans are curious when they’ll get to see him.

MLB The Show 22 official gameplay screenshotSan Diego Studio
MLB The Show 22 will be available for download on Xbox Game Pass.

Seiya Suzuki in MLB The Show 22

The Chicago Cubs made a big splash in free agency when they signed Japanese slugger Seiya Suzuki to a massive $85 million contract, and after a short delay, Seiya Suzuki is now in MLB The Show 22.

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The right fielder’s current Live Series rating is 76 overall. San Diego Studios update ratings throughout the year, meaning Suzuki will have the chance to play himself from a Silver card to a Gold card.

mlb the show 22 blue jaysSan Diego Studio
MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5.

How to get Diamond Seiya Suzuki in Diamond Dynasty

To celebrate Seiya Suzuki’s monumental start to his MLB career, San Diego Studio has released an 87 overall Suzuki card that is free to obtain for all players willing to put in the time and effort.

Follow these steps to unlock Seiya Suzuki’s Diamond card:

  1. In Diamond Dynasty, go to Programs
  2. Select Other Programs, then April Monthly Rewards
  3. Complete gameplay tasks to earn all eight April Topps Now cards
  4. After obtaining all eight, scroll down and collect them for the Diamond Seiya Suzuki

Suzuki’s card has solid hitting against both lefties and righties, and even includes his backup positions in the infield for some solid utility.

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seiya suzuki diamond mlb the show 22San Diego Studio
Seiya Suzuki’s diamond card in MLB The Show 22’s Diamond Dynasty mode.

If there is still a player you want to add to The Show that still isn’t available, fear not as there is a simple way to get custom rosters and players.

To download a custom roster follow these steps:

  1. On the main menu go to the top right and select Create
  2. Select Vaults
  3. Slide over to Roster, then Sort by Downloads
  4. Select a Live Roster amongst the top options

Now that you have a custom roster downloaded, you can load it into The Show 22 from the Settings tab back on the home menu.