MLB The Show 21 September Daily moments: Young, Damon, rewards, more

. 10 months ago
cy young
San Diego Studio

A new month has arrived in MLB The Show 21, and this also means San Diego Studios has implemented a new set of daily moments for players to tackle. 

Daily moments have become one of the many ways players are able to earn free Diamonds within MLB The Show 21, and throughout each month SDS has updated this program with new cards and unique rewards.

This is once again the case with September rolling around, though some players feel like this month has a few lackluster rewards. But this doesn’t mean there still aren’t some worthwhile cards and rewards to add to your collection.

We’re going to run over some of the major cards within this event, along with other packs you’ll be able to earn.

San Diego Studio
All-Star Game, Home Run Derby, and Field of Dreams packs are all available towards the tail-end of the dally moments for September.

Free Diamonds in September’s daily moments

Over the course of September, keeping up to date with your daily moments will accumulate enough points to obtain some free Diamonds to add to your collection so you can get 99 OVR Mookie Betts.

The feature reward, which will require you to earn 25 points during this program, is Milestone Cy Young. Featuring a wide array of pitches, along with some high velocity on his 4SFB, it’s hard to say if this card will be viable within Ranked Seasons.

cy young
San Diego Studio
Cy Young may be a deadly pitcher if you use the right combination of pitches!

Along with this new 99 OVR Milestone card, you’ll also be able to progress through two-player evolution programs. This is when you’ll get to choose between two players’ rookie cards, and progress through moments/missions, and it’ll eventually result in you unlocking their Diamond card.

The players featured within the evolution packs this time around are Johnny Damon and Orlando Cepeda, with high 90 OVRs for both of these cards. They’ll be decent additions as bench bats within The Show, and will help with collections.

San Diego Studio
Damon was a stellar OF for the Red Sox and New York Yankees.

The final notable reward for players during September is the three choice packs unlockable at the end of the September daily moments. Home Run Derby, All-Star Game and Field of Dreams choice packs are up for grabs, and some of these cards are worth a pretty penny within the online community market.

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