MLB The Show 21 Best free agents to sign in Franchise

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MLB The Show 21 Best free agents to sign in Franchise
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Retooling your team during free agency is one of the many ways you’ll encounter during MLB The Show’s Franchise mode, and there’s some players that are hidden gems throughout the league. 

Diamond Dynasty and Road to The Show are often touted as the premier modes within MLB The Show every year, but if you’re ever in the mood to sit back and take control of your favorite team, then Franchise mode is for you.

While the mode hasn’t seen major improvements in recent years, there’s still a lot behind the menus, as players will be tasked with leading their team to the elusive World Series.

During this process, you’re going to want to add some quality players to your roster and free agency is the best place to do so. Here are some of the best players you should sign in year one of your Franchise!

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The 2021 Free Agency class is one of the best in quite some time.

Best players to sign in free agency in MLB The Show 21

No matter the team you’re managing, there’s always going to be some players that will bolster the strength of your roster for the years following, and within free agency, there’s some great talent that should be available after the first year.

This crop of players that are set to be free agents following the 2021 season is immense, and there’s going to be a ton of talent for you to negotiate with. As well, most of these players will be looking for some sort of long-term deal, netting you more years of their skills on your roster.

With all this said, we’re going to run over the best free agents you should be taking a look at within MLB The Show 21.

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Carlos Correa is one of the league’s premier SS and will be a free agent in most simulations.

Here’s some notable name that’ve popped up during our simulation of Franchise mode.

  • Trevor Story – SS
  • Corey Seager – SS
  • Carlos Correa – SS
  • Noah Syndergaard – Pitcher
  • Max Scherzer – Pitcher
  • Kenley Jansen – CP
  • Matt Barnes – CP
  • Raisel Iglesias – CP
  • Christian Vazquez – C
  • Chris Taylor – U
  • Jonathan Villar – 2B
  • Eduardo Escobar –  3B
  • Javier Baez – SS
  • Marcus Semien – 2B
  • Starling Marte – CF

While your simulation may pan out to be different, for the most part, these are the common ones we expect to be free agents after your first year of Franchise.

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