Why is Mineplex shutting down? Popular Minecraft server comes to shock end

Mineplex shutting downMojang

The long-running Minecraft server Mineplex has been unexpectedly shut down, marking a shocking end to one of the game’s most popular servers.

From the moment it began in 2013 right through to 2023, Mineplex has been a staple among Minecraft, its servers, and the community.

Hosting PvP battles, enjoyable minigames, and more, Mineplex served as a hub for players new and old, allowing them to take a break from the traditional building game in favor of faster-paced minigames, combat, and quick-building competitions.

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Now, ten years after its release, an announcement on the server’s Discord revealed that, after the servers dealt with outages, the team has decided to make the game’s downtime forever.

Why did Mineplex shut down?

Mineplex has dealt with its fair share of struggles over the past year. Its playerbase rapidly decreased on the Java edition of the sever yet still averaged at 4,000 or more players on the Bedrock version, and, along with rising competition, server issues, and general interest, it’s clear that the popular server has been struggling more than fans realized.

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Upon announcing that Mineplex would be shutting down, the team took to the server’s Discord to reveal this statement:

Mineplex shutting down statementMineplex

Within the rather cryptic announcement, the team wrote: “As you’re all aware, all servers and the website have been down for a couple of days now. Unfortunately, I have been given the burden of informing you that this will be forever.”

This statement is rather cryptic and doesn’t fully give fans a reason for the popular server’s conclusion. If a more detailed reason is provided by the team over at Mineplex, we’ll update this page.

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