Minecraft streamer rages as multiple events lead to unluckiest fail ever

Matt Porter

Minecraft is a game full of infinite possibilities, but sometimes this can work against players, as Twitch streamer At_Tar_Ras found out the hard way when he suffered an incredible failure.

Minecraft is full of endless adventure, and no save is ever the same, with new landscapes, cave systems, and biomes generated every time you start up a new world inside the game.

Learning the layout of your new home is crucial to survival, and unfortunately for At_Tar_Ras, it was in his panic that he quickly forgot the dangers that surrounded his home, in the form of a massive ravine which would soon prove to be his demise.

MojangRavine’s are full of danger, as At_Tar_Ras found out the hard way.

While playing on a Hardcore world, which means once you die, you are no longer able to play on it ever again, the streamer noticed that one of his chickens had escaped from his base underground, and attempted to push it back in so it wouldn’t go free.

Just as he attempted to maneuver it back inside, he heard the terrifying hiss of a Creeper, and immediately sprinted backward in hopes of avoiding it.

Unbeknownst to him though was a second Creeper behind him, which exploded and sent him flying across the grass and into a ravine. With falling to his elimination inevitable, the streamer watched in horror as he landed in a pool of lava, losing all of his items in one of the most unfortunate Minecraft deaths you’re ever likely to see.

Unsurprisingly, At_Tar_Ras couldn’t quite believe what had happened to him, screaming in disbelief at what just happened, before roaring about how many hours he had put into the world, finally slumping into his chair with his head in his hands in a final act of absolute heartbreak.

The moment serves as a healthy reminder to never take your eyes off anything in Minecraft, or else you might just end up staring at the ‘game over’ screen.

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