Best Stature decks in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap StatureMarvel Snap

The newest Marvel Snap card, Stature, already has some very strong decks that players have been experimenting with.

Marvel Snap has seen plenty of new cards emerge from the Quantum Realm in the latest season pass, with M.O.D.O.K. and Ghost joining the game.

Stature is a 5-cost, 7-power card that costs only 1 energy if the opposing player has discarded a card during this game.

Let’s take a look at what decks Stature has been working in.

Best Marvel Snap decks for Stature

The first deck that Stature has been commonly featured in is the Lucky 7s or Cerebro 7s deck. Named because of all the 7-power cards in the deck (Black Cat, Ebony Maw, Aero), the real star of this comp is actually not a 7-power card, but Cerebro.

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Marvel Snap Stature Deck 1Marvel Snap
Cerebro 7s deck can best utilize Stature.

Cerebro grants your highest-power cards two extra power, meaning that all these 7-power cards have 9 power instead. This deck doesn’t maximize on Stature’s ability, but just the fact that she has such a high power level.

The other potential Stature deck is the Black Moon deck, which is able to capitalize on Stature’s synergy with two cards. Black Bolt can force the opponent to discard the lowest-cost card in their hand, thereby letting Stature’s cost drop to one. You can also use Moon Knight for this purpose in the deck, giving you more chances to get that reduced cost Stature.

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Marvel Snap Stature Deck 2Marvel Snap
The Black Moon leverages Stature’s unique ability.

Beyond those two cards, fill out this deck with a mix of high-cost and high utility cards. She-Hulk is often a great card to pair with Stature, as playing her at the reduced cost often allows you to play She-Hulk at a discount of her own next turn.

If you are looking to make even more decks outside of those with Stature, check out our Best Marvel Snap Decks and the Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 1.