Best Ghost Marvel Snap decks

Marvel Snap GhostMarvel Snap

Ghost has finally joined Marvel Snap and players are still experimenting with the best decks that she fits into.

Another new hero has joined the Marvel Snap universe in the latest season pass. As players journey into the Quantum Realm, they’re now joined by Ghost.

Ghost is a 1-cost card with 2 power, who will allow all the player’s cards to be revealed second as long as she is on the board. This means that there won’t be a risk of having an On Reveal effect that is based on the opponent’s cards go off just as the enemy plays the perfect card for you.

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Let’s take a look at how Ghost best fits into a Marvel Snap deck and which cards synergize with her the best.

Best Marvel Snap decks for Ghost

The first potential option is a Ghost + Valkyrie deck. Valkyrie is a very powerful 5-cost card that sets all cards at a location to 3-power.

Marvel Snap Ghost Deck 1Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Ghost + Valkyrie deck.

As a result, it’s a powerful finisher card to play in a location where the opponent has burned several powerful cards. With Ghost on the board, you can pile cards onto this location and then finish with Ghost on turn five or six. Since she is guaranteed to be revealed last, Valkyrie will get her effect on the maximum amount of opponents.

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The second combination features Ghost as a Hazmat + Ghost deck. Hazmat is only a 2-cost card that inflicts negative one power to all of your opponent’s cards.

Marvel Snap Ghost Deck 2Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Hazmat + Ghost deck.

Naturally, this means that you don’t want to play Hazmat until as many of your opponent’s cards have been revealed as possible. That’s a natural synergy with Ghost, then, as she’ll ensure that when Hazmat is played all of the opponent’s cards get the negative damage.

Finally, we have a Zoo deck featuring Ghost, which features a ton of low-cost cards to go along with Ghost.

Marvel Snap Ghost Deck 3Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Ghost Zoo deck.

So many of these cards have On Reveal effects, which will often benefit from being activated second. As with all KaZaar decks, the whole point of this comp is to get as many of those one-cost cards on the board that he can buff up.

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