WoTC respond with updated Open Game License amid D&D fan outrage

Jessica Filby

Dungeons and Dragons owners, Wizards of The Coast have responded to fans after an outpour of frustration regarding the new Open Game License, stating they have updated the original leak.

The original OGL 1.1 was brought to the communities attention through a leak and instantly caused outrage, with many fans mass-unsubscribing from D&D Beyond and ultimately showing their disapproval for the entire change, claiming it would close off and destroy D&D as many have grown to know and love.

Now, after days of silence and many WoTC employees leaking some behind-the-scenes information regarding the company’s approach to the situation, an updated Open Game License has been revealed, detailing new changes while also claiming the previous leak was an “early draft of the new OGL”.

WoTC post an updated version of the OGL following mass outpour from D&D fans

The updated version highlights that the “next OGL will contain the provisions [to] cover only content for TTRPG’s” meaning all charitable campaigns, cosplay, VTT’s, and livestreams will be unaffected by the update.

Moreover, the revised OGL 1.1, shared through the Wizards of The Coast Twitter, highlights how “you will own the content you create”, which was a major concern for many creators upon reading the first OGL.

Another major concern was the implication of royalties, however, the document states, that “what it will not contain is any royalty structure” perhaps suggesting the removal of the idea entirely.

On top of that, WoTC noted down their regrets and apologized for the way in which the OGL was written as well as the negative response they quickly garnered upon its leak, stating “we want to always delight fans and create experiences together that everyone loves. We realize we did not do that this time and we are sorry for that.”

While this updated version of the Open Game License is not finalized, fans are hoping this is a step in the right direction for Wizards of The Coast and will quickly solve the turmoil swarming the Dungeons and Dragons community.

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