MTG’s most notorious vampire returns in Modern Horizons 3

Jack Bye
Sorin of House Markov MTG Vampire

Sorin of House Markov is a triumphant return for one of MTG’s most iconic characters, as well as the fan-favorite ‘flip walker’ Planeswalker style.

A noble vampire hailing from the plane of Innistrad – which many monsters straight out of Gothic Horror call home – Sorin has a long, storied history as one of the oldest Planeswalkers still living in the MTG multiverse.

This card is one part of a new cycle of flip walkers in Modern Horizons 3. These cards start off as regular Creature permanents, depicting iconic Planeswalkers before their sparks are ignited. When the conditions are met, they can be flipped over, converting into a more powerful Planeswalker side, like Sorin, Ravenous Neonate.

Flip walkers have made a big impact when previously appearing in Magic: The Gathering, with one of the best examples being Nicol Bolas, the Ravager.

Where the Bolas flip walker was a high-cost, high-payoff card, Sorin of House Markov is a more reasonable early-game play that still makes a splash when its Planeswalker side hits the field.

Modern Horizons 3 Sorin MTG

Both Sorin of House Markov and Sorin, Ravenous Neonate come equipped with the Extort ability, allowing for a steady stream of lifegain as long as mana is available in excess. Combined with Sorin of House Markov’s Lifelink, it’s simple enough to flip this card within the first few turns.

Sorin, Ravenous Neonate packs three different lifegain synergies into its loyalty abilities. The card’s +2 allows you to stockpile Food tokens for huge bursts of extra life, working in tandem with its -1 to drain any opponents or Creatures dry.

Finally, when work has been done to build up to the -6 ultimate ability, Sorin can take control of another Creature, converting it into a vampire and granting it Lifelink. Combined, these abilities pack in a ton of vampiric flavor, power, and variety.

It feels only right for Sorin to return in Modern Horizons 3 alongside the Eldrazi. One of Sorin’s biggest impacts on the worlds of Magic was sealing the Titans alongside fellow Planeswalkers Nahiri and Ugin, years before the Gatewatch destroyed two of them for good.

With the colossal wave of Eldrazi support releasing in Modern Horizons 3’s Eldrazi Incursion deck, it feels only right that Sorin’s earliest incarnation should be here too. Now if only their conflict could return to Magic’s official story