MTG Planeswalker Party deck raises the roof as price drops

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Join the Planeswalker Party with this highly-valued Commander Masters MTG deck.

Commander has reigned as MTG’s most popular in-person format for some time, and great new Commander decks release all the time as a result.

Planeswalker Party is a Commander deck that may have gone overlooked at the time thanks to the controversy surrounding its set. But now that its price has dropped, this deck is well worth looking into for any MTG player.

Dropping 18% from its regular price point at Magic Madhouse, this is a great time to pick up a powerful, unique deck that will appeal to any fan of MTG’s plane-hopping heroes and villains.

MTG Planeswalker Party deck Commanders

Planeswalkers have been one of MTG’s most popular card types ever since they joined the game back during the Lorwyn set. Dozens of Planeswalkers have joined the game since, and this Commander pre-con collects many of the best to fill out its ranks.

Planeswalkers Party is one of the four Commander decks to drop as part of Commander Masters. While a lot of fan uproar was raised due to the decks being over-costed for their power level, it can be agreed that these pre-cons are much more worth a purchase during sales.

Planeswalker Party centers around Commodore Guff, a legendary figure in MTG. Guff boosts a whole deck full of Planeswalkers, generating creature tokens as crucial blockers, restocking your hand, providing mana ramp and eventually building up to a devastating burn effect.

Even if Guff wasn’t a great option to lead this deck, Planeswalker Party’s alt Commander is a real treat. Leori, Sparktouched Hunter doubles up on your best Planeswalkers’ abilities, allowing you to get double the use out of their most impactful effects.

Pick up Planeswalker Party right away and you’ll have an incredible, offbeat option to bring to your next MTG Commander night.

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