MTG Commander Masters most chaotic deck drops in price for Amazon Spring Sale

Jack Bye
MTG Commander Masters deck header

MTG’s Sliver Swarm Commander deck is full of deadly creatures that can share and stack abilities, creating an unstoppable fighting force.

Sliver Swarm is an inventive and explosively powerful Pre-con that was released as part of the Commander Masters MTG set. While there was some controversy around the price of Commander Masters products at the time, it’s much easier to recommend these quality MTG products when they’re being discounted.

The Sliver Swarm MTG Commander deck is currently 13% off at Amazon as part of a limited-time deal. Be sure to check it out while stocks last and you can get your hands on a new MTG Commander with some excellent Creature synergies.

MTG Commander Masters Sliver Commanders

The most dangerous thing about Slivers – as your opponents will soon discover – is the fact that they can share abilities. Each Sliver comes with an inherent ability – such as ‘All Sliver Creatures have Flying’ or ‘All Sliver Creatures have Indestructible’ – which provides increasingly more benefits as more creatures enter your field. Pair this with typal synergy cards like Reflections of Littjara and you’ll soon be running away with the game.

While the deck has some weaknesses, they can be easily shored up to create a truly overwhelming overwhelming force. The mana base can be improved to ensure that your Slivers of all different colors are hitting the field as quickly as possible. Additionally, this deck’s Achilles heel can be a vulnerability to board wipes, so be sure to pack a couple of protective options. No Commander pre-con comes entirely without flaws, so these are just the areas to keep in mind if you want to further tune-up the deck after it arrives.

Once you get this deck’s engine in place, the Slivers all join up with the hive mind, sharing their abilities and becoming almost impossible to deal with, swarming and overrunning opponents’ fields with ease. Slivers have long been favored among MTG players and feared in-universe, and with this excellent Commander deck, you’ll get to find out why.

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