MTG Commander Masters decks finally on sale for Black Friday

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Now’s your chance to get MTG Commander Masters decks at a cheaper price, and you won’t want to miss the powerful options these decks have in store.

Commander Masters Commander decks were hotly anticipated by MTG fans prior to release. Sadly, once the decks were in the wild, players found that the inflated price point was not matched by the decks being overwhelmingly more powerful than other pre-cons on offer.

These decks are doubtlessly powerful, but their steep cost made it harder to justify the purchase. But now, the issue of the Commander Masters decks’ price has been solved, as Black Friday deals at Magic Madhouse have dropped the decks to a much more affordable rate, close to the price of a regular Commander pre-con.

MTG Commander Masters Commander Deck – Sliver Swarm

MTG Sliver Commander Gravemother

The Sliver Swarm Commander Deck is a powerful creature typal deck that builds and builds in power the more Slivers you play. Each Sliver grants additional abilities to every other Sliver you control, from haste to lifeline to first strike, quickly growing into an unstoppable threat. If you favor creatures and aggressive gameplay, Sliver Swarm is the deck for you.

The Sliver Swarm deck is discounted by 17%.

MTG Commander Masters Commander Deck – Enduring Enchantments

MTG Enchantment Commander Anikthea

One of the more offbeat decks in this collection, Enduring Enchantments balances power, control, recursion, and ramp, and is perhaps the strongest showing for an enchantment-focused deck to date.

Enduring Enchantments contains a huge amount of value for any Enchantment-based deck. From Starfield of Nyx to Dryad of the Ilysian Grove, the cards in this deck can supercharge your enchantments even if you pick the deck apart and use it to support your others.

The Enduring Enchantments deck is discounted by 20%.

MTG Commander Masters Commander Deck – Planeswalker Party

MTG Planeswalker Commander Guff

The Planeswalker Party deck is complex and interesting, requiring some in-depth strategic thinking to pilot to its full potential. Make no mistake, the planeswalker-focused deck can be an absolute powerhouse once it gets going. Accruing steady advantage, holding off your opponents’ attacks, and eventually burning everyone else at the table for lethal damage with your Commander’s effects, Planeswalker Party is a deck that rewards patience with power.

The Planeswalker Party deck is discounted by 21%.

Unfortunately, the final Commander Masters deck, Eldrazi Unbound. is not currently on sale. We’ll keep you updated if we see any change to its price.

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