Madden 23 player goes viral for executing the “greatest” punt ever

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A Madden 23 player has gone viral for showing off what might be the best punt ever, launching the ball over 60 yards to pin the opponent on the one-yard line, and offering a guide on delivering perfect punts.

Madden 23 is a football sim that doesn’t necessarily highlight the intricacies of dominating your opponent on special teams.

Punting and kicking are never the focus when it comes to Madden’s gameplay, but becoming skilled at it can help you score some extra points and pin your opponent deep into their own territory.

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One Madden 23 player has gone massively viral for booting a punt that would make Pat McAfee quite proud.

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Madden 23 was released on August 19.

Madden 23 player showed how to kick a perfect punt

User Skrock posted to the Madden subreddit a video of them kicking what very well could be the best punt we’ve ever seen.

In the video, Skrock uses the Chicago Bears punter Trenton Gill to boot a punt from his own 27 years line down to the opposing team’s one-yard line where it perfectly dribbled out of bounds.

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They titled the video, “Not to sound dramatic, but this has to be the greatest punt of all time…right?”

In the comment, section users flocked to ask Skrock exactly how they nail such perfect punts.

“Honestly I can’t remember if I was holding the left stick down how you would do get more distance on field goals…all I know is Trenton Gill is an assassin,” they said.

In a follow-up comment, another Madden player explained how to get kicks to go further by sacrificing height, “Pull the left stick down. You can sacrifice height for distance when kicking field goals. The direction indicator can be flattened by pulling the left stick down, which indicates you’re kicking for a further distance.”

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Although Madden’s kicking system has been the same for years, it seems like many players still don’t know how to perfect the art of kicking and punting.

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