Shroud reveals hilarious reason why he envies Asmongold in MMOs like Lost Ark

shroud-envy-asmongold-mmosTwitch: Shroud / Asmongold

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek revealed the hilarious reason why he envies Asmongold in MMOs like Lost Ark — because his viewers are willing to give him anything and everything.

Shroud and Asmongold are both huge fans of the MMO genre. They’ve been playing Lost Ark almost exclusively since it released. Shroud has streamed it for almost 100 hours, while Asmon has clocked up even more.

However, the human aimbot admitted he envies Asmon when it comes to playing MMOs, and the reason is hilarious.

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It’s because he claims Asmon has the ability to ask viewers for gold and receive it a million times over.

Asmongold greenAsmongold
Asmon has received gold in World of Warcraft from fans in the past.

The topic came up after shroud realized he was short on gold. “If anyone is on NA East Azena, you can send gold,” he said. “Let me zoom into my character so you can see my name a little better.”

To entice fans, he ramped his pleading up a notch by involving his in-game pet. “Look at my pet Leo over here,” he said while zooming the camera in on it. “He’s starving because I can’t afford to feed him.”

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This prompted a fan to tell him he’s like Asmon, who has admitted to receiving gold from viewers in the past. “I f**king wish, man,” said shroud. “I envy Asmongold. He asks for anything, and he gets that times a million.”

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Then, he went on a hilarious rant and described his envy in more detail. “I want to be like Asmongold when I grow up. I really do. My goal is to transition from an FPS streamer to an MMO streamer and get everything for free.”

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Shroud even went as far as saying he doesn’t want to do any more work in-game or out of the game.  “That’s my retirement plan,” he joked. “Asmon knows the power he has. He says one word, and he’s good to go.”

Of course, the conversation was light-hearted. Shroud wasn’t seriously begging fans for gold. It was all just a bit of fun. Still, it ended up being a hilarious moment that fans of both streamers could laugh about.

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Shroud is addicted to Lost Ark. He even described it as the most complete MMO ever despite having reservations earlier. Asmon’s verdict on the game was full of praise, too. However, they haven’t crossed paths in-game yet.

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