YamatoCannon explains Riot’s silence over controversial League bug at Worlds 2022

YamatoCannonRiot Games

Fnatic League of Legends coach Jakob ‘YamatoCannon’ Mebdi has explained why Riot Games has not commented on the bug that may have eliminated Top Esports from Worlds 2022.

The commonness of bugs in League of Legends has been one of the biggest talking points at the ongoing World Championship, with fans’ angst hitting fever pitch following a recent group match between Top Esports and GAM Esports.

Content creator Vandiril claimed on October 16 that a bug with the item Maw of Malmortius may have cost Top Esports the game and a spot in the quarter-finals of the tournament. According to him, the item did not work as intended as it failed to shield Yu ‘JackeyLove’ Wen-Bo from the ultimate used by Đỗ ‘Levi’ Duy Khánh’s Karthus.

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Top Esports are out of Worlds 2022 after a controversial group loss to GAM

Had the item negated damage as it is supposed to do, JackeyLove would most likely have managed to get the final hits on GAM’s Nexus to end the game. Instead, GAM survived the onslaught and turn the game around, picking up their sole victory of the group stage.

“We will never know if TES would have won this without the bug or not,” Vandiril wrote. “Some say they would, some say they wouldn’t. We won’t find out.

“The only 100% conclusion is: League is a mess. It’s a shame that countless bugs are ruining the only truly important international tournament we have.”

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YamatoCannon has now voiced his opinion on the controversy, saying that Riot Games will most likely remain silent on the matter as the bug was not spotted by players during the game.

“Riot won’t say anything about the bug because their sentiment/ruleset has always been that if players don’t spot bugs themselves it won’t be accounted for,” the Fnatic coach wrote on Twitter.

“I remember games where I saw bugs from backstage and I couldn’t even fight to pause or chronobreak.”

If Top Esports had won the game in question, it would have put them in a three-way tie in Group C with DRX and Rogue. Those two teams went on to face each other in a tiebreaker match for seed, with the LCK side coming out on top.

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