Unified isn’t a fan of Worlds 2021 meta, but promises PSG will ‘bend it to their will’

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PSG Talon carry Wong “Unified” Chun Kit isn’t a fan of the meta building at Worlds 2021, at least in the bot lane, and isn’t afraid to admit it ⁠— the unstoppable pile of Lucians, Miss Fortunes, and Yuumis just aren’t his flavour, he tells Dexerto, and the PCS champs are already plotting new strategies to beat it.

Unified and PSG have started Worlds with a rocky 1–1 record. The Parisian-backed Southeast Asian champions were all but helpless against Royal Never Give Up on opening day, but steadied the ship against Korea’s Hanwha Life.

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Even though 1–1 is far from perfect, it’s a far cry from PSG’s horrible start to their first Worlds campaign in Shanghai last year. Talon were bashed from wall to wall in groups after having to qualify via Play-Ins with two substitutes, and only managed to turn a 0–4 run into a 2–6 finish in their last two games.

Despite that, Unified wishes PSG were back at Worlds 2020.

Not that the Shanghai event held the fondest of memories for the Hong Kong giants. If they were looking for fond memories, rolling back six months to the Mid-Season Invitational, where they finished fourth, would be far better.

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Instead, Unified is missing the Worlds 2020 metagame compared to this year’s evolving champion selections, which the ADC admits “just isn’t really for him.”

Unified at Worlds 2021

Unified told Dexerto following PSG’s first victory of the tournament (a 38-minute back-and-forth against Korea’s Hanwha Life) that he is still adapting to the new Worlds 2021 meta, but so far hasn’t been enjoying the picks.

He said: “I still feel like it’s a bit of a pity because this meta [led by Yuumi, Lucian, and Miss Fortune all included] isn’t really for me. The MSI meta was a lot more like my meta.

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“It feels like the meta is really different from last year’s,” he continued. “Worlds 2020 had top laners playing tanky champions, but there’s a lot of bruisers and carry champions this year. This year, the top side plays a more crucial role.”

PSG Talon celebrate

Not that he’s totally against the metagame switch-up either, Unified adds. The fact that there are “so many differences and changes in the meta” is interesting. He is also enjoying that there’s “so much more flexibility in the champions” every team can pick. It’s an option PSG will take full advantage of in groups.

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“We were better in the last meta,” he admits. “It suited our playstyle better. In the previous meta, champs like Aphelios were super strong. In 2021, he is maybe a B-tier.”

Not liking the Worlds 2021 metagame won’t change how PSG Talon approach their Group C challenge though, Unified promises. If the Hong Kong champions have to bend the picks to their will, he says, they will do just that.

Before doing that though, they have mistakes to clean up.

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Unified with PSG Talon

“We definitely prepared a lot for Worlds, had the team together, but in the actual games we made a lot of mistakes. Because of those mistakes, we might not be able to perform as well,” the PCS superstar claimed.

Those mistakes feel all the sharper too for all of PSG after their MSI success. In Iceland earlier this year, against the League of Legends worlds’ biggest champions, Talon managed to beat out Cloud9 from the LCS to make the competition’s top four. It’s left the eyes of the fanbase locked firmly on PCS coming into Worlds.

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“I can feel that pressure on my shoulders,” Unified said, “but all we can do is try our best every single game. We want to show the best performance for all of the PCS.”