Tyler1 hilariously roasts Riot Games after they gift him Twitch subs

Jacob Hale

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp is one of the most well-known and controversial League of Legends streamers in the world. So, after Riot Games gifted a huge bundle of subscriptions to his Twitch streams, he decided to roast the developers.

Tyler1 was briefly banned from Twitch before his account was reinstated in 2018, and has since returned to his previous levels of popularity and gone even further, too, making himself one of the most recognizable names in League of Legends and on the platform.

Nowadays, viewers are able to gift subscriptions to streamers, covering the costs of fans who aren’t already subscribed in order to help the creator out.

It’s not often that Riot Games themselves decide to gift subscriptions on Twitch — and they definitely got more than they bargained for when doing so for Tyler1.

Tyler1 has always been known for his funny and over-the-top personality and jokes.

After they gave 50 subscriptions to Tyler, he immediately fought back, wanting something far different from Riot: his League Points (LP).

“Riot Games with those 50 gifts,” he shouted. “Wow. Oh my god that’s a lot of gifts. You know what else is a lot? The amount of f**king LP I lost today you sons of b***hes.”

Joking about how horribly his Ranked games had gone, losing League Points while grinding the game, Tyler continued: “You b***ards. You hear me? I don’t want your f**king gifts I want your f**king LP… but thanks.”

The meek “thanks” at the end is the icing on the cake of a very funny rant that players of League of Legends and just about any game can relate to.

We all know the frustration of feeling like your rank is dropping through no fault of your own, but Tyler1 was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to speak to the developers of the game about it — though we’re not sure there’s much Riot can do about his LP.