Tyler1 claims he’s the “greatest player alive” after hitting masters

Luke Edwards
Riot Games

After reaching Challenger playing solely as a jungler, League streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has reached Master tier in ranked solo queue yet again. But this time, he’s done it playing only in the top lane. 

It’s the third time he has reached master tier playing solely in one position. He first made it as an AD carry, before proving himself as the king of the jungle.

The reformed former Draven one-trick, who has over 3.8m followers on Twitch, achieved the feat nearly 16 hours into an overnight stream.

Having started September in Gold 1, by the end of the month he had already reached Diamond 2. From here, things unfortunately got a bit sticky. By mid-October he had sneaked his way into Diamond 1, right on the cusp of promotion, only to suffer a demotion back to Diamond 2. But, with Tyler being Tyler, he stuck at it to reach Master tier in an incredible feat.

Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
Tyler1 already reached Challenger playing only as a jungler before attempting this feat.

The moment Tyler1 made it to master tier

Nearly 16 hours into his livestream, having only lost only two out of 24 games, Tyler1 won his 4th promotion series game to clinch a spot in the master tier of League of Legends.

As he headed towards the Nexus, he proclaimed himself “the greatest f***ing player alive. Period.”

He played 17 consecutive games on Cho’Gath before switching over to Olaf for the final two games of the series. He also picked up wins on Urgot and Heimerdinger throughout the night. Across the whole challenge, Mordekaiser was his most played champ with 156 games.

Tyler1’s highest win-rate among his five most-played champs is Cho’Gath, currently sitting at an insane 67%. His next best is Olaf at 57%.

It’s a big achievement for the streamer who was banned permanently from the game in 2016 for toxic behavior. He eventually returned in 2018 and built one of the largest League followings around, as well as creating his own tournament, the TCS. He’s now sponsored by Korean org T1 in one of the most perfect player-org matches League has ever seen.

Tyler1 has until midnight on November 9th to see if he can reach Challenger. It’s unlikely he’ll make it in such a short amount of time, but – at the same time – you’d have to be a fool to underestimate him.