TSM exodus continues as two LCS staff members leave company

Luís Mira
TSM logo that appears on their Valorant Challengers team's jersey

Two members of TSM’s League of Legends staff have left the company, adding to the wave of departures at the North American esports organization.

On Twitter, League of Legends General Manager Yang ‘Glen’ Po-Jen and team manager Chien-Yu ‘Kristine’ Huang announced that they had left the organization, the latest in a string of departures at the company.

Glen spent 13 months with TSM after being hired in February 2022 to replace Parth Naidu as League General Manager. Kristine joined the company two months later, after being contacted by Glen, to help manage the LCS team.

Glen, who had previously worked as General Manager for PSG Talon, admitted that leaving TSM leaves a “bittersweet” feeling.

“I am happy and excited to finally have time to spend with my family, especially as I have not been a good father in the past two splits,” he wrote. “My wife often says that I am a workaholic, a perfect employee, manager, and colleague, but as a father, I am failing.

“At the same time, I feel anxious and uncertain because I understand that finding a new team or job in the current environment may be difficult. However, I still believe that this arrangement is the best that God has given me, also there is always a rainbow after the storm.”

TSM have not yet announced replacements for either Glen or Kristine. Earlier this month, TSM also parted ways with VP of Esports Operations Dominic Kallas and COO Walter Wang.

The organization’s LCS team is currently preparing for the Summer split, having finished the Spring Split in seventh place, a spot outside of playoff contention.

On TSM’s official subreddit, many lamented Glen’s departure from the organization. “Glen is by all accounts a great person and (ANOTHER) massive loss to the org,” one user wrote.

TSM top laner Solo had recently praised Glen’s impact as a GM

Glen’s departure came as a shock to many as only recently top laner Colin ‘Solo’ Earnest had credited the General Manager as the reason for signing with TSM for the 2023 season. In another interview, support Jonathan ‘Chime’ Pomponio had also praised Glen, saying that he “adds a level of honesty to it where he understands that we’re assets but he also understands that we’re people.”

Earlier this week, TSM head coach Wong ‘Chawy’ Xing Lei claimed that his organization had the lowest budget in the LCS heading into the season.

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