TSM announce they’re leaving the LCS and moving to the LEC, LPL, or LCK

Carver Fisher
TSM leaving the LCS

TSM is one of the most iconic organizations in League of Legends, and they’ve been a defining part of North America’s history in the esport. After over a decade, CEO Andy ‘Reginald Dinh announced TSM will be leaving the LCS for another tier 1 region.

North America has had an important role in League of Legends’ storied competitive history. Despite rarely achieving international success, players like Dyrus, Bjergsen, and Doublelift have truly stood out as superstars within the LCS. And all of those players have, at one point, played for TSM.

Even with their lackluster overall record for the past few years, TSM still has a massive fanbase that has stood the test of time. What’s more, many of those fans have been hoping that a TSM roster could be the one to finally show North America’s strength.

While TSM has made a big change to try and actually net themselves a Worlds title, that move hasn’t been one that will keep them in North America. TSM CEO Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh has announced that TSM will be leaving the LCS and moving to another tier 1 region, meaning one of the LPL, LEC, and LCK.

TSM is leaving the LCS to pursue a World title

Domestically, TSM has been a successful organization. Up until recently, they were consistently a top 3 team that often took the title within their region. Even dating back to the early days of League of Legends, this team was at the top.

Internationally, things haven’t gone so well. The team, much like many other North American organizations, was never able to find success at Worlds.

So, to find a team that has a chance at international glory, Reginald announced that the team is undergoing a transition from the LCS to a different tier 1 region.

He explained the reasoning behind their move: “We have made a tough decision to start the process of transitioning to another tier 1 region. This may feel sudden but, to be honest, we’ve been actively working toward this for the last 3 years.”

He then said that TSM’s goal is to do “whatever it takes” to bring home a World Championship, even if that home is in a different country. It hasn’t yet been specified which region they’ll be moving to, but him saying it’s a tier 1 region narrows TSM down to a move to the LPL, LCK, or LEC.

That said, this announcement doesn’t mean they won’t be finishing out the LCS Summer Split. The team has been spotted making roster moves like temporarily signing Fenix to make sure they can have a roster for the Summer spit, and it’s unclear how long the transition to another region will take.