TSM ended what could be their last LCS playoffs without winning a set

TSM bow out of LCSRobert Paul/Riot Games

Following TSM’s announcement of their possible exit from the LCS in 2024, longtime fans of the org were hoping they’d go out with a bang. Unfortunately, the iconic organization bowed out without winning a set.

TSM was one of the very first organizations operating within the League of Legends ecosystem, and they’ve since grown far past their humble beginnings in League’s infancy.

However, the organization announced that they’d be looking to move on from the LCS following a series of lackluster Worlds appearances and a subsequent domestic nosedive, to the point where they haven’t made it to an international event since Worlds 2020.

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Despite TSM trying their hardest, they didn’t manage to take a single set in what could be their final LCS set as an organization. For an org that’s had such a long history in the League of Legends, this isn’t the ending many longtime fans wanted.

TSM’s long LCS history may have come to an unceremonious end

In all fairness to TSM, it’s not like they went down without a fight. Though they weren’t able to win a set, they pushed both best-of-5 series they played to the full 5 games. Their win/loss record deceives the potential this team had.

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When they were able to push Evil Geniuses to the absolute brink the week prior, fans were hopeful that TSM would be able to sweep Dignitas in the lower bracket and give themselves a chance at international competition.

Despite the herculean effort they displayed in game 4 and their determination to keep their competitive year alive, TSM wasn’t able to close out game 5 against Dignitas.

It’s important to note that TSM hasn’t made their exit date official and that there’s still a possibility that they can return to the LCS. However, with the announcement from earlier this year holding strong, there’s a high likelihood that this is how TSM’s history in the LCS ends.

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That said, this doesn’t mean TSM is leaving League of Legends entirely. The door has been left open for them to join the LEC, LCK, or LPL, with the LPL being the most likely pro league for them to switch over to.

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