The Jungle: Faker the worst LCK midlaner in Worlds 2021 Semifinals?

Alan Bernal
the jungle monte IWDominate faker

The Worlds 2021 championship is down to the last four teams. The Jungle’s dGon, MonteCristo, and IWDominate explore what to expect in the semifinals from T1, Damwon, EDG, and Gen.G.

On one side of the bracket, Faker is going for his fourth Worlds title against LCK powerhouse DWG KIA. On the other, Gen.G will try to tame the LPL Summer champs EDG in a tough matchup.

The Jungle’s crew breaks down the biggest matchups to watch and explore they’re looking forward to when the best League of Legends teams face off in the penultimate stage of Worlds 2021.

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