TFT Patch 14.7 introduces new Sentinel dummies that will fight for you

Liam Ho
Blue Buff Legends of Runeterra

Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.7 will be replacing regular training dummies with new Sentinels that will hold items and assist players in combat.

Patch 14.7 of Teamfight Tactics will introduce a new form of unit into TFT. Replacing the original and well-loved training dummy, Sentinels will take over as a formidable foe that will fight for your team, take damage, and even cast abilities.

Starting in patch 14.7 of TFT, many portals like Wandering Trainers or Wandering Vendors have been replaced with Trainer Sentinels and Vendor Sentinels. These Sentinels get stronger over time and will star up later in the game.

Sentinels are a great upgrade when compared to training dummies, as they’re able to interact with emblems like Sniper, which will prevent players from low rolling if they land a Sniper Emblem on their dummy.

This doesn’t mean that training dummies are going away entirely, however, as augments like Wandering Trainers and Escort Quest are now available when you roll into the Sentinel Portals. This can create some ridiculous combinations, where players can have a training dummy and Sentinel with 3 emblems each, truly testing their ability to play flexibly.

Unlike dummies though, Sentinels can move around the board and cast their ability called Sentinel Smash, which deals magic damage to their target.

These changes will take effect in Patch 14.7, which launches on April 3, 2024.

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