TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern event guide: Missions, rewards, release date

Andrew Amos
Chibi Firecracker Jinx tactician celebrating in TFT Gifts of the golden lantern event
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The next Teamfight Tactics (TFT) event is here in time for the Chinese New Year: Gifts of the Golden Lantern. Get ready to gift your Tactician friends plenty of new year’s goodies and claim some rewards for yourself by completing in-game missions.

After the success that was Skyglass Origins, TFT’s next in-game event is finally here to kick off 2022. Named Gifts of the Golden Lantern, it’s the autobattler’s celebration of the Chinese New Year on February 1.

The festivities will kick off a bit before that in-game though, with the chance to earn Little Legend eggs, emotes, and more for free. Here’s how it’ll work.

New TFT Little Legends, Arenas in Gifts of the Golden Lantern

A handful of new Tacticians have been added onto the PBE in anticipation for the Gifts of the Golden Lantern event. This includes new Duckbill, Dowsie, and Dango variants, as well as a new Chibi Firecracker Jinx tactician which comes with its own boom.

These will be joined by a new Golden Tiger Market Arena, with plenty of poros there to watch the battle and celebrate the New Year in the Convergence. All these Little Legends and Arenas should be available during the event for a small amount of RP — or you could be lucky enough and get them out of the Festival Firecracker or Year of the Tiger Eggs.

Firecracker Jinx in TFT
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Firecracker Jinx will be the first “skinned” champion chibi Tactician in TFT.

TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern event missions

To first get access to the Gifts of the Golden Lantern event, you need to accept the invite in-client from Duckbill. You just need to hop into a game, and then the missions will unlock.

You’ll need to chat to each of the Tacticians at the festival — seven in total — and embark on in-game missions to get sweet rewards. It’s kind of like the Spirit Blossom event for League back in Season 10. There are some secret missions tied to riddles for each Tactician, and we will update you with the solutions once we play through the event.

For now though, here’s the missions you have to complete to make your Tactician friends happy in TFT’s Gifts of the Golden Lantern event.

Name Mission Reward
Invitation Play a game of TFT Like My Stripes? Emote
A Briny Bargain Feed Tahm Kench a 2-star+ unit in exchange for the perfect fish to give Lunar Beast Choncc 15 Star Shards
Trash to Treasure Collect parts for Firecracker Duckbill’s helicopter by upgrading 30 components using the Scrap trait 15 Star Shards
Shopping Spree Buy Porcelain Dowsie the perfect festival decorations by rerolling the shop 30 times 15 Star Shards
A Prestigious Prize Win a trophy for Year of the Tiger Protector by earning recognition. The higher you place the more recognition you get 15 Star Shards
The Biggest of Booms Find Firecracker Chibi Jinx the biggest firework by getting Jinx to cast her spell 15 Star Shards
Signature of the Star Get Lucky Noodle Dowsie an autograph by putting a 3-star champion in a Socialite Spotlight 15 Star Shards
The Best Bauble Find Lucky Lantern Dango the shiniest trinket by collection 40 loot orbs 15 Star Shards
Firecracker Duckbill’s Riddle Combine two of the same component into a finished item twice in a single game 15 Star Shards
Firecracker Chibi Jinx’s Riddle Field Mercenary 5 or 7 Festival Firecracker
Porcelain Dowsie’s Riddle Use Shroud of Stillness to delay spellcasts for 15 opposing champions 15 Star Shards
Lucky Noodle Dowsie’s Riddle Field both Transformer modes in a single game 15 Star Shards
Lunar Beast Choncc’s Riddle Field two 2-star Colossus champions Festival of Beasts 2021 Egg
Year of the Tiger Protector’s Riddle Receive a Celestial Blessing from an augment Year of the Tiger 2022 Egg
Lucky Lantern Dango’s Riddle Earn 7 points. Choosing a Prismatic Augment: 1 point. Field at least one Prismatic trait in a game: 3 points. 15 Star Shards

TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern event rewards

By getting the Tacticians just what they want for the new year, you’ll be duly rewarded with Little Legend eggs, Star Shards, and more.

However, you don’t need to complete the missions to get all the rewards — and you will need to splash some cash if you low-roll your eggs. Firecracker Jinx and Year of the Tiger Protector are only available in select eggs, and things like Jinx’s special Tactician boom and the Golden Tiger Market arena are gated behind a bundle.

Duckbill at the TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern event festival
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You don’t want to make Duckbill sad, right? Give him his festival presents!

TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern event end date

The TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern went live during TFT patch 12.2 on January 20, 2022. It will run for two patches, ending on February 15, 2022 just as patch 12.4 ticks over.

That’s a big date too given TFT Set 6.5, the Neon Nights Mid-Set update, is primed to go live on the same day, so be sure to give everyone at the festival the gifts they deserve before then.