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TFT patch 12.2 notes: Lunar Revel event, Tahm Kench & Kai’Sa nerfs

Published: 19/Jan/2022 20:30 Updated: 20/Jan/2022 1:52

by Andrew Amos


TFT patch 12.2 is here — which means balance changes like nerfs to Kai’Sa and Tahm Kench — but the big news is the game’s second event, Gifts of the Golden Lantern, is coming to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Here’s what has changed in the January 20 update.

With TFT patch 12.1 in the books ⁠— and not a lot changing gameplay-wise in the aftermath ⁠— TFT patch 12.2 is more of the same. Riot are being careful not to tinker with the formula too much, even going as far as to avoid a b-patch following the first update of the year.

The trend is set to continue with TFT patch 12.2 making small changes to meta comps and traits, including five-cost units Kai’Sa and Tahm Kench. However, the big news is the arrival of the game’s second major event: Gifts of the Golden Lantern.


Riot GamesGet ready for TFT patch 12.2.

What’s coming in TFT patch 12.2?

New Gifts of the Golden Lantern event celebrates Chinese New Year

It’s not just League of Legends getting a Lunar Revel event ⁠— TFT is getting in on the fun with Gifts of the Golden Lantern.

The upcoming event, celebrating Chinese New Year, will have plenty of missions and rewards on offer. There will also be an option to give gifts to friends across the Convergence, a first in TFT.

New Little Legends, including a Chibi Firecracker Jinx tactician, and a Golden Tiger Market Arena have been added to the PBE. It’s unlikely they’ll be available for free during the event, but rewards like Little Legend Eggs and emotes could be on offer like in the Skyglass Origins event, which was a roaring success in Set 5.


Tahm Kench, Kai’Sa nerfed after dominating meta

Kai’Sa and Tahm Kench has been running amock for a while now in TFT Set 6 for two different reasons. While the former was nerfed substantially, she is still a reliable carry due to her ability to damage everyone on board. The latter is just a great gold and item printer.

Kai’Sa is having her attack speed nerfed, which will therefore impact her ability damage too. Tahm Kench will do less damage with Devour, and also gain less stats from his Glutton trait.

Other strong units like Seraphine and Braum have been nerfed, while Urgot is getting a bit of love after his hard 12.1 nerfs.


Tahm Kench in League of Legends
Riot Games
Tahm Kench will receive a big nerf in TFT patch 12.2 due to his dominance.

Big Augment changes: Portable Forge downgraded, Metabolic Accelerator nerfed

Portable Forge is being downgraded from a Prismatic Augment to a Gold Augment, meaning it’ll be more common.

Metabolic Accelerator, one of the best Gold Augments in the game, is being nerfed too. It will no longer heal players 2HP after PvE rounds, making the comeback just that bit harder. Item Grab Bag II, Wise Spending, and High Roller are all primed for buffs, on the other hand.

The Metabolic Accelerator is one of several augments undoing significant change in TFT Patch 12.2.

You can find the full TFT patch 12.2 notes below, courtesy of Riot Games.

TFT patch 12.2  notes




  • Mini Inferno Bomb damage: 325/425/525 ⇒ 300/400/550



  • Health: 650 ⇒ 700


  • Max Mana nerf: 40/75 ⇒ 40/80


  • Attack Speed: 0.75 ⇒ 0.7


  • Grasping Spines Damage: 350/450/650 ⇒ 325/450/675



  • Armor & Magic Resist: 50 ⇒ 55
  • Feast Damage: 800/900/1000 ⇒ 900/975/1050


  • Parrrley Damage: 110/135/170 ⇒ 110/150/200


  • Attack Speed: 0.6 ⇒ 0.65
  • Rocket Swarm Damage: 70/95/140 ⇒ 70/100/150

Miss Fortune

  • Make It Rain Damage: 275/375/550 ⇒ 275/375/600


  • Attack Damage: 85 ⇒ 80


  • Personal Space Shield: 550/675/850 ⇒ 525/675/850



  • Max Mana nerf: 100/180 ⇒ 120/200


  • Attack Speed: 0.7 ⇒ 0.75


  • Curtain Call Damage: 150/200/344% ⇒ 150/200/300%


  • Command: Shockwave shield amount: 100/160/400 ⇒ 100/150/400



  • Encore Heal: 275/450/1200 ⇒ 250/350/1000


  • Max Mana nerf: 100/175 ⇒ 125/200


  • Attack Damage Ratio: 25% ⇒ 30%
  • Purge Duration: 5/5/5 ⇒ 5/5/10


  • Soul Unbound Duration: 4/5/20 ⇒ 4/5/15



  • Attack Speed: 1.2 ⇒ 1.1


  • Melee form Shield: 350/500/3000 ⇒ 375/550/3000


  • Super Mega Death Rocket, rocket launcher Attack Damage scaling: 190/200/888% ⇒ 200/210/888%

Tahm Kench

  • Devour Damage: 900/1450/30000 ⇒ 850/1350/30000
  • Glutton stats gained from feeding Tahm Kench have been reduced by 10%
  • Glutton User Experience change: To prevent unintentional loss of a champion in play, Tahm Kench will dine only upon champions from the bench.


  • Chaos Rays Damage: 325/425/1500 ⇒ 360/420/1500



  • Armor: 100/200/350/500 ⇒ 75/150/250/450
  • Shield: 100/300/600/1000 ⇒ 150/350/700/1200


  • Mercenary: removed Neeko’s Help as a 3 and 4 loss streak drop
  • Mercenary: 4 loss average value: 6.9g ⇒ 6.4g
  • Mercenary: 5 loss average value: 6.9g ⇒ 6.6g
  • Mercenary: 6 loss average value: 7.6g ⇒ 7.4g
  • Mercenary: 7 loss average value: 8.25g ⇒ 7.9g


  • Shield per Component: 20/35/60 ⇒ 20/40/60


  • (3) Omnivamp: 30% ⇒ 33%


  • Armor/Magic Resist: 60 ⇒ 55
  • (7) Bonus: 50% ⇒ 60%


Adjustments to the following Heart/Creast Augments

  • Bodyguard Heart now also grants a Leona ⇒ Blitzcrank
  • Protector Heart now also grants a Blitzcrank
  • Bodyguard Crest now also grants a Leona ⇒ Darius
  • Clockwork Crest now also grants a Zilean
  • Clockwork Crest will now be available in the Augment selection menu as intended

High Roller (Prismatic)

  • Grants 4g also

Item Grab Bag II (Prismatic)

  • Grants 1 Item Reforger also.

Metabolic Accelerator (Gold)

  • No longer heals 2HP after PvE rounds.

Portable Forge (Gold)

  • Tier: Prismatic (Tier 3) ⇒ Gold (Tier 2)

Shrug It Off (Silver)

  • Tier: Gold (Tier 2) ⇒ Silver (Tier 1)

Sniper’s Nest (Gold)

  • Now has an indicator to show you how many stacks it has

Stand Behind Me (Gold)

  • Now also increases Bodyguard Armor bonus by 25%

Thrill of the Hunt III (Prismatic)

  • Removed from the game

Wise Spending (Prismatic)

  • Now also grants 4 gold


Anima Visage

  • Health Regen: 8% ⇒ 6%

Chalice of Power

  • Ability Power: 35 ⇒ 30

Death’s Defiance

  • Attack Damage: 30 ⇒ 25
  • Attack Speed: 30% ⇒ 25%
  • Armor: 50 ⇒ 40

Eternal Winter

  • Attack Speed Slow: 35% ⇒ 25%

Gold Collector

  • Chance to drop Gold: 75% ⇒ 50%

Hand of Justice

  • One buff each round is increased to: 30(%) ⇒ 33(%)

Locket of the Iron Solari

  • Shield Duration: 8 ⇒ 15 seconds


  • Mana: 50 ⇒ 40
  • Mana restore: 200 ⇒ 150

System Changes

  • Made some adjustments to the shop drop odds at Level 8 and 9:
    • Level 8: 15/20/35/25/5% ⇒ 16/20/35/25/4%
    • Level 9: 10/15/30/30/15% ⇒ 9/20/35/25/16%

Bug Fixes

  • Is the Clock Working: Clockwork Crest will now be available in the Augment selection menu as intended
  • Imperial bug fix: Imperial 5’s damage buff on all Imperial units is no longer removed during some combats in uncommon situations
  • More excellent shot: Caitlyn’s Ability can no longer hit invulnerable and untargetable objects (Hexcore, Guardian Angel stasis, etc.)
  • Fiora’s Ability no longer fizzles if her target dies as she begins her cast
  • 1-Star Illaoi’s Harsh Lessons Magic Damage is now the intended 200 rather than 175
  • Units that are sold with Sniper Emblem no longer retain their bonus +1 Attack Range
  • Dragon’s Claw no longer triggers against some physical Abilities
  • Runaan’s Hurricane no longer applies Viktor’s Armor shred
  • Fixed an issue where Crown augments would still appear when players had previously taken the Built Different augment. Soul augments that benefit the entire team are still allowed to appear (e.g. Enforcer Soul, Arcanist Soul)
  • Not exZactly as planned: Zac will no longer sometimes target the same enemy twice with his Ability
  • Fixed a rare issue where Zac would deal double damage to one of the targets he was yoinking