TFT Skyglass Origins event guide: Missions, rewards, release date

Alex Garton
TFT Origins eventRiot Games

Teamfight Tactics’ (TFT) Skyglass Origins event is now live, with plenty of rewards up for grabs. Here’s the missions you need to complete, and what’s on offer.

It’s finally time to take on Chaos Pengu and banish the Black Mist for good in TFT’s upcoming Skyglass Origins event. In order to defeat the corruption, players must help restore the Skyglass, a power relic contained in the Sacred Keep.

By completing each of the event-exclusive missions, players can help restore the Skyglass piece by piece and earn some exciting news rewards along the way.

Skyglass Origins is TFT’s first independent major event and will no doubt have a significant impact on which direction the game heads next.

So, without further ado, let’s break down how to complete each of the missions and what to expect.

TFT Skyglass OriginsRiot Games
Skyglass Origins is now live, marking the first major TFT in-game event.

TFT Skyglass Origins event missions

The goal of the Skyglass Origins event is to collect as many relic pieces as possible to restore the Skyglass and banish the Black Mist. Players can do this by completing the event-exclusive missions in any of the TFT modes.

This means nobody will be forced to play a specific way to complete the event, allowing players to continue enjoying Set 5 in any way they please.

In total, there will be 15 missions to complete that will each be tied to a corresponding piece of the Skyglass. You have to complete the Order and Chaos mission lines before moving onto the neutral missions and rebuilding the Skyglass.

They’re all super easy, so get playing.

Order Missions

Mission Objective Reward
Revenant Complete 6 items in a single game 10 Star Shards
Draconic Field a team with five 2-star champions 10 Star Shards
Verdant Have 50 Gold 10 Star Shards
Redeemed Play a 5-cost unit 10 Star Shards
Ironclad Earn 20 gold from interest in a single game 10 Star Shards
Dawnbringer Survive until Stage 5-1 10 Star Shards

Chaos Missions

Mission Objective Reward
Dragonslayer Field a champion with three completed items 10 Star Shards
Forgotten Field a team with at least five traits active 10 Star Shards
Abomination Spend 100 Gold 10 Star Shards
Hellion Sell a 2-star champion 10 Star Shards
Coven Get to level 8 in a single game 10 Star Shards
Nightbringer Get 10 Gold from winning or losing streaks 10 Star Shards

Neutral Missions

Mission Objective Reward
Urf’s Creation Do 100 total player damage Magical Misfits Egg
The Great Imbalance Win 30 rounds total Just You Wait emote
Order Prevails Get a Top 4 Here’s to Me emote

TFT Skyglass Origins event rewards

As with every TFT event, players can expect to earn some exclusive rewards as they progress through each of the missions.

The initial missions will offer players 10 Star Shards each, totalling 120, with the final three unlocking a Magical Misfits Little Legends egg and two unique emotes.

Keep in mind, taking part in the Skyglass Origins event is completely free, so make sure you get involved and don’t miss out!

Skyglass Origins emotesRiot Games
Here are the two emotes players can expect to unlock.

TFT Skyglass Origins event end date

TFT’s Skyglass Origins event began on June 15. It will last for an entire month, concluding on July 15, 2021.

Taking on the Black Mist is no easy task so Riot are ensuring players have plenty of time to get involved and complete each of the missions.