TF Blade explains why he was removed from League Partner Program

Jacob Hale
TF Blade League Partner Program

[jwplayer vVm1MRPW]League of Legends streamer Ashkan ‘TF Blade’ Homayouni has explained the reason behind the reason behind his removal from the League Partner Program — and it could last over a year.

The League Partner Program (LPP) sees popular community members obtain special rewards for promoting League of Legends, including giveaways and special promotions among other things.

The Team Liquid streamer was put on a probationary period in March 2020 due to his behavior, and this was extended in June, and it has now been confirmed to him that he has been removed from the LPP.

TF Blade Team Liquid
TF Blade has previously faced Twitch bans, too, for his actions while streaming.

In a July 29 broadcast, TF Blade shared the email he received from Riot Games confirming his removal from the program, explaining exactly why they decided to make the decision.

“After taking time to review, we’ve determined that there hasn’t been the necessary improvements expected from our League Partners,” they said of his probationary period. “Therefore, effective immediately, you have been removed from the League Partner Program.”

They also added that “additionally, you will be prohibited as a guest on channels that are co-streaming the LCS or Academy until the end of the 2020 season.”

As expected, TF Blade wasn’t impressed. He said that they had “no proof” that he hadn’t made the necessary improvements and saying that they “can’t just accuse him of being this guy who hasn’t improved his attitude,” adding that they’ve not actually explained why he was banned and that he “just doesn’t like to be accused.”

Furthermore, the email adds that they will enable a review of his behavior and content to assess if reinstatement of these privileges is possible — but not until June 2021.

This leaves TF Blade out of the LPP for at least 11 months, but whether he gets added back to it is entirely down to whether Riot believe he has actually made the “necessary improvements.”