Master Yi is next League champion facing healing overhaul in durability patch aftermath

Andrew Amos
Assassin Master Yi in League of Legends

As Riot focuses on its new healing philosophy following LoL patch 12.10’s mega durability update, Master Yi is undergoing a major change. His W, Meditate, will no longer be the powerful defensive tool it once was ⁠— but there are some buffs to compensate.

League of Legends’ durability patch ⁠— now more than a month ago ⁠— has completely flipped the game’s meta on its head. Burst champions aren’t as prominent as scaling teamfight beasts come out of the woodwork.

Master Yi is one of those aforementioned beasts. The on-hit jungler enjoyed a big swing in popularity after LoL patch 12.10 as his winrate jumped up to as high as 53%. However, it’s fallen away to sub-50% again after another batch of changes.

With healing quickly becoming Riot’s focus in balancing the game ⁠— just look at patch 12.11’s overhaul ⁠— the Wuju Bladesman was soon to be next on the list. However, what he’s losing in healing he is gaining back in a big offensive upgrade.

Project Yi in League of Legends
Master Yi is the next champion Riot is targeting with their sweeping healing changes.

Master Yi’s W, Meditate, will now cost significantly more mana meaning players have to be selective when using it. However, it comes with a much shorter cooldown and some bonus tenacity that gives him the power to use it more offensively than defensively.

This, combined with an attack range upgrade from 125 to 175 units, means the Wuju Bladesman might slowly creep back into the meta after his true damage was cut in LoL patch 12.11.

The change has been well received by Master Yi mains, especially after he was hindered substantially in the first tuning pass following the mega durability update.

However, it’s indicative of Riot’s wider move in balancing healing and sustain in League of Legends. While there’s moves towards healing being less effective, champions are increasingly gaining special tools attached to their heals that give a bit more utility.

The upcoming Sivir mid-scope update, penned in for LoL patch 12.13, has swapped her Spell Shield mana regeneration for a heal. This has freed up her trading patterns to be a bit more offensive, much like the Master Yi changes should work.

Whether it’ll see a resurgence in both champions’ popularity remains to be seen, but don’t expect the healing changes to stop here in League of Legends.