Riot promise more “monstrous” champions coming to League of Legends after Nilah

league of legends pyke splash artRiot Games

Following a run of ‘pretty’ champions like Akshan and Nilah, Riot have promised that more creepy, monstrous characters will be coming to League of Legends.

With Void Empress, Bel’Veth, being the last champion to join League of Legends’ ever-expanding roster, and Joy Unbound, Nilah, also set to drop in the near future, we’ve seen a run of stylish strong women that have quickly etched themselves into LoL history.

What we haven’t seen in a while, however, is a truly monstrous creature. While Bel’Veth’s void form is certainly akin to something from Blizzard’s iconic RTS, Starcraft, her humanoid form paints her very differently.

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As players plead for something a little more rough and ready, Riot has revealed that more creepy champions are on the cards to break up all things cutesy.

league of legends lol jungle champion bel'veth splash artRiot Games
Despite being a weird Void creature, there’s something alluring about Bel’Veth.

League of Legends devs confirm more monsters are coming

Lead Gameplay Producer, Ryan Mireles, shared some insight into where LoL’s champion roadmap will take us – and, spoiler alert, there’s some creepers on the cards.

“We have intentionally been making a few more monstrous champions,” he told Dexerto. “Obviously we released Bel’Veth, and we do have another monster/creature champion in development right now. It’s still early, so it’s a while until you’ll see that champion.

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“Obviously it’s not just monsters we’ve been focused on, but diversity in general” he clarifies. “This [diversity] has been a big goal with champions over the last few years, and that also includes cultural diversity. Nilah is inspired by South Asia, so was Akshan; you’ve got Vex, who is a Yordle, an older woman in Renata – in general we’ve been looking for different opportunities to add more diversity to the roster.”

league of legends lol rek'sai burrowing through holeRiot Games
Void Burrower, Rek’Sai, is one of the game’s most inhuman creatures.

Concluding with the promise that “more monster/ creature-type stuff is just one [champion type] we’ve been focused on for the future roster,” it looks like the days of pretty may soon be left in the dust.

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So wave a fond goodbye to the likes of the gorgeous Seraphine and seductive Samira; what’s that coming over the hill? It’s a monster, and you had better be prepared.