Riot reveal first look at Marvel’s new League of Legends “Lux” comic

. 3 years ago
Artwork by Tan Studios

The collaboration between League of Legends’ champion Lux.

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Riot Games loves diving or expanding deep into their game’s lore, making it a welcomed surprise when the company announced their collaboration with one of the most prominent comic companies in the world.

Now fans will be in for a treat as the next comic simply called “Lux” starts the five-issue arc telling the story that led up to Sylas’s escape from imprisonment as the the Lady of Luminosity strives to learn more about her magical traits.

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Artwork by Tan Studios
The cover for the first issue of Lux, a series that mixes League of Legends lore with the talent from Marvel Comics.

Without spoiling anything, the new series of will take readers through Luxanna ‘Lux’ Crownguard’s many growing pains as she learns more about Demacia’s history and current tensions with mages.

The cover art shows her split between two versions of Demacia: one rife with life as her brother Garen watches over to protect and the other ruined with destruction with Sylas looming from the shadows.

The pages of every issue are bound to be packed to the brim with new lore reveals since there are tons of events to cover in such a short amount of issues.

Artwork by Tan Studios
The story will go into untold stories from Lux and Garen’s history.
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Marvel and League of Legends collaboration

The first run of Marvel’s tie in with League of Legends produced an incredible four-part story called “Ashe Warmother” that dived into the origins of the Frost Archer.

While the comic had a lot of fans wanting more, the Marvel collaboration is moving onto the next focal point with Lux and is already off to a fantastic start.

Artwork by Tan Studios
Lux will tell the story of the lead up and fallout of a dangerous encounter with Sylas.

In an interview with the Verge, Riot Games’ Head of Creative Development Greg Street said that he hopes working with Marvel will let them tell more in-depth origin stories, narratives that expand characters apart from their origins, and possibly even tales from champions’ alternate universes.

So far the collaboration has been a hit and Lux will look to build on Ashe Warmother’s success. With over 140 champions as well as hundreds more skins to serve as “alternate universes,” fans have a lot to be excited for what the Marvel and Riot partnership will bring.

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