Riot re-introduces Champions Queue ahead of LoL Worlds 2022

Carver Fisher
NA Champions Queue abandoned

Champions Queue is coming back for Worlds as a way to all teams to compete in a high-elo environment. Some of NA’s best will be pitted against legendary players from all over the world.

Champions Queue has been Riot’s solution for an inconsistent and toxic solo queue experience that plagued most NA pros when they were trying to practice.

It’s a very limited, invite-only environment meant to foster the highest level of competition possible in North America. And now, the World’s best will be hopping right into it.

Champions Queue will be its own spectator sport

While Champions Queue won’t have the typical prizing it does in normal splits, this still presents a huge opportunity for up and coming NA talent. And, as players like Danny and jojopyun have shown us, NA talent is not to be underestimated.

What’s more, Riot have made sure to add more ways for casual fans to get involved, as well as open access to any players previously accepted into Champs Queue to bolster the amount of players queuing at any given time.

There will be a “redesigned, Worlds-themed public leaderboard” so that fans can track any player’s rise through the Champion’s Queue ladder.

Additionally, co-streaming rights for Champions Queue are being loosened and offered globally to any content creators who can make it through the application process.

The server hosting Champions Queue will move based on which server is closest to the location of the current stage at Worlds, meaning that pros based out of LA will have varying ping over the course of the cross-country Worlds run.

Fully integrated voice comms will also be enabled for the event, though many of the players attending don’t speak English fluently. How that will affect the Champions Queue experience remains to be seen.

The practice environment in North America has caught some flak over the years from the international community. Now’s the time for NA players to step up and give the world’s best players a serious challenge.

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