League of Legends reveals $400k NA Champions Queue: launch date, how to access, more

LoL Champions queue detailsRiot Games

League of Legends have revealed a brand new super server for top North American talent to compete for $400,000 in prizes. We have everything you need to know about Champions Queue, how to get access, the format, and more.

Back in November, Riot Games revealed that they would be looking to fix NA solo queue by introducing a “super server,” called Champions Queue. This will introduce high-level competition for the best players North America has to offer.

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Now, it’s been announced this server will be coming February 7, and bring $400,000 in cash prizes that will be up for grabs.

If you’re unsure how it works, there’s no need to worry as we have a full explanation on how NA’s super server will work right here.

Champions Queue release date 

ON February 4, League officials tweeted the new server is scheduled to release on February 7 with only the best of the best being able to play.

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It will be hosted on a private Discord server for West Coast League players and will offer low ping connections for competitors.

How to get access to Champions Queue

TL CoreJJColin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
Players like CoreJJ will have access to this super server against some of NA’s best.

If you’re looking for a spot on this server though, there are some requirements. All players from LCS, Academy, LLA, and the Top 16 NA Amateur Teams from both of the Spring Proving Grounds Qualifiers are automatically allowed in.

Players who are Master rank or higher that aren’t included above can fill out an application to be considered for a spot. All competitors must also pass a behavior check and will be monitored closely. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and suspensions can be handed out for toxic acts.

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Champions Queue Format

LoL Champ Queue ScheduleRiot Games
There will be two seasons split into three splits with a preseason event after Worlds.

Players that are in Champions Queue can only play on the exclusive server from 6 PM PST to 1 AM PST. The queue will be separated into two seasons: Spring, and Summer, while each will have 3 splits. These splits will last about a month.

After each match, you will earn ladder points and based on your spot at the end of a split, you will earn cash and season points. At the end of the season, the person with the most cumulative points from the three splits will be crowned the winner and into the Hall of Champions.

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Everyone starts with a clean slate with each new season. The spring season starts on February 7 and ends May 23. The summer season begins May 30 and ends September 26. There will also be a preseason tournament from November 17 to December 13.

There is $400,000 being spread out throughout this year and Riot hopes this will restore the state of NA solo queue.